Field Inventory Management

Leverage our untethered RFID network and analytics cloud to:

Increase Turns

Visibility never before possible

See any product

Seeonic's wireless RFID inventory sensors fit in almost anything, automatically counting your products with high precision.

Whatever it is on
Anywhere it is


Have inventory in hard to manage locations? Seeonic's battery-powered sensors are deployable anywhere nationwide, giving your supply chain visibility never before possible.

Distribute differently

Re-frame your distribution model by knowing precisely where re-stocking is needed & where it isn't. Create controlled inventory nodes or micro-distribution centers instantly.

replenish smarter
fine-tune profits

Elevate your business

Simplify your business model in ways never before possible. Offer consignment with low risk, eliminate overhead and reveal powerful insights that increase business performance and capacity.

Increase Sales

Ensure your remote products are available when and where your customers need them.

Optimize Inventory

Eliminate stock-outs and overstocks while fine-tuning SKU depths and breadths.

Automate reporting

Know your inventory levels precisely without needing a human to scan with a handheld.

Gain reliability

We manage the largest automated commercial RFID network in the USA with 99.9% uptime.