Information gives you greater control over your business. As it is today though, you have to make lots of detailed decisions without accurate and timely data.

Studies conducted by Dr. Bill Hardgrave while he was at the University of Arkansas’ Sam M. Walton College of Business, as well as director of the school’s RFID research center, revealed that inventory inaccuracy rates for soft goods retailers range from 51% to 65%. That means at any given time, you, as a retailer can be making decisions based on data only 35% to 49% accurate.

What does that do? It leads to costly overstocks that tie up your cash, resulting in steep discounting and extra shipping costs, as well as out-of-stocks, which mean lost sales and unhappy customers.

We can help, with an automated point-of-purchase inventory management system that provides:

  • Accuracy: Telling you exactly what is on the shelf
  • Alerts: Notifying you what is out of stock
  • Actionability: To make smart, accurate, and timely decisions

In our fast-paced retail environment, you have to respond quickly and precisely to consumer choices at the shelf, and across all buying channels.

This means having the right product available for sale when the consumer arrives at your store. Maximizing that ability takes accurate, real-time data.

That’s where we come in.

Let’s have a conversation about a new kind of technology that can help you make better and quicker ordering, allocating, forecasting and replenishment decisions in an accurate, timely and customer-centric way.

Seeonic®. Real data. Real time. Real smart.

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